Selective School Tests

Hurstville Tutor specialises in Selective Schools Tests and Scholarship Tests. For over 20 years we have succeeded by teaching the following areas of exam testing: Comprehension, Poetry, interpreting diagrams, maps, and photographs, comparing and contrasting texts, writing persuasive essays, Mathematical sequences and instructions and understanding timetables and guides.

Students learn Maths problem solving techniques from a wide range of resources including ACER tests and real Selective Schools tests. Solutions are provided with each set of sample test papers so each student can learn from their mistakes. Less stress from these methods means more confidence and better exam marks. We always show each student all test paper results and work out solutions for any wrong answers. We tutor in small groups of about four.

ToTheTopTutorD05aR03aP01ZL (without slogan) Our students learn to be more confident with responses required in the exams. We improve your chances of success and ultimately your exam results. The homework we give include Persuasive writing topics relevant to the tests and to current issues, such as pollution, obesity, junk-food advertising, whaling, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, multi-media, news, current affairs, drugs, drinking and teenage violence. Visual imagery is also provided for writing tasks to encourage creative thinking and problem solving. Poems are discussed and analysed for poetic technique with an emphasis on the use and purpose of poetic devices. Aboriginal poems, contemporary and classic Australian poets are studied in our lessons.99% of our students who study for 12 months or more with us achieve a place in Selective Schools.Please ring 0422 038 011 for an assessment.