Home Schooling

Home Schooling is a great option for students who require a different kind of approach to a large classroom situation. We offer a home schooling program to suit your child’s requirements. We teach with care, in small groups, so your child can learn in confidence and improve their educational and social skills. Our tutors belong to Home School Groups in southern Sydney suburbs and the Sydney Home Education Network. We make learning cool.

We offer a syllabus approved by the NSW schools system and we teach English, Maths, Science, Woodwork, Art and craft, painting and three other key learning areas. We supply all textbooks and program notes. Students attend for two hour sessions per day. Mr. Paul Mitford has tutored Home School students since 1992 at Hurstville and Carlton with excellent results.

We offer a mix of activities both educational and artistic which all home students really appreciate.

Please contact Hurstville tutor on 0422 038 011 for an assessment.